Sales & Purchase Lock

Sales & Purchase Lock

Let us understand this by taking example.
Suppose you need to freeze sales and purchase invoices up to the period 31st March 2022.
Kindly follow the below steps as seen in the image below:
  • Click on the navigation tab.
  • Go to System Administration.
  • Click on Freeze Transaction Till.
  • System will redirect you to Freeze Transaction till page.
Refer below Image
  • Click on add row.
  • Fill Posting Branch, Voucher Type (sales/purchase invoice) , and freeze till date (period upto which you need to freeze sales and purchase invoices)
Refer below Image
  • You can also freeze sales and purchase invoices for multiple branches
    • Select that particular  Posting branch.
    • Then select Voucher Type as Sales/Purchase.
    • Select Frozen till date
    • Suppose you need to freeze sales invoice for mumbai branch> Select Posting Branch as Mumbai.
    • Select Voucher Type as sales invoice and select date as 31st March 2022 (in case- you need to block sales invoice up to 31st March 2022).
  • Click on save button.
Refer below Image
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